6 Dec/13 - Tool: User Agents To Measure Solaris Zone Resource CPU Capping Based On Pools/Pset

On the Solaris Operating System it is possible to implement virtualization based on Zones. In order to limit/controle the CPU resources consumption it is possible to configure Resource Pools and assign the zone(s) to these pools. The problem with this is that, up to release 11.2 PF 20130930 of the TeamQuest Manager (CMIS), there are no collections foreseen on how much CPU is used by these zones in relation to the opposed capping.

The data provided by TQ Manager is more zone, capping & pool configuration related.  So in order to measure the "pset" usage and Zone capped CPU usage we provide two User Table agents which runs in the "global" Zone of the server/domain.

  • pool_agent: Captures the pool configuration and the usage of it.  

  • cpu_zone_agent: Provides Zone related CPU capping information and usage.

Download/consult here: Pool & Cpu Zone agents document and related bits_pool_agent & bits_zone_cpu_agent.

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