27 Jan/14 - Tip:  20 minutes tutorial to deploy a table of contents in a Surveyor report (HTML dummies welcome)

Is your mouse menacing to go on strike because you scrolled up and down too much in your Surveyor reports ? This 20 minutes tutorial teaches you step by step how to add a dynamic table of contents in your report. Once completed, you will fully understand how it works and how to tailor it to your needs. For your next reports, it'll cost you 5 relaxing (should “I say fingers in the nose ?”) minutes to have it implemented: peanuts, regarding the time required to design the report itself. Still skeptic ? Don't buy a pig in a poke: try the demo before investing your time !

Download/consult here: The tutorial in pdf format, example Surveyor views package file and a report result file which contains a real report to view in your browser (this zip file contains a readme to get it running)

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