21 Nov/13 - Tool: Oracle Automatic Workload Agent

If you are a customer with a quite large deployment (100+) of Oracle instances spread over multiple SOLARIS SPARC & Intel based servers you could be interested in this tool. In order to provide business continuity the most important databases are deployed in a cluster based on SOLARIS Zones which could move from one domain towards an other one.

TeamQuest has the possibility to define Workloads which is a way to combine process activity into a workload/application bucket. As such it is possible to see the resource consumption of applications as a whole.

Unfortunately this process is a manual one and not very practical in the context of a dynamic environment where Oracle instances are frequently created, removed and (or) moved.

In order to make this Oracle instances TeamQuest Workload Definition creation process fully automated and dynamic we developed this “ora_awld_agent”.

Download/consult here: User Oracle Automatic Workload Agent document and related bits.

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