21 Dec/13 - Trick: Solaris 11.3 Processor Set Load & Queuing Measurement

In order to manage the CPU resources on Solaris, Dynamic Resource Pools and Psets can be set up. In case of performance issues it would be nice to have an idea of the amount of CPU Queuing occurring in a Non Global Zone(s) that has been assigned to such a Resource Pool.

This White Paper shows how we can measure the Pset activity and grasp the number of processes queuing up in a Zone with the TeamQuest CMIS module. (Agent Technology). For this we have set-up an environment with Solaris 11.3 and the TeamQuest CMIS version 11.2 PF 20150828.

In order to evaluate the different measurements we have implemented User Table Agents pulling OS related data into the TeamQuest collection too. Feel free to download theĀ  white paper & bits here.

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