14 Apr/15 - Tool: Citrix XenServer Virtualization TeamQuest Data Integration

If you have a Citrix XenServer 6.2 or 6.5 environment and would like to capture the performance data from hosts & virtual nodes for analysis in TeamQuest Analyzer and/or Surveyor, this tool will be of value. In order to accomplish this we developed a solution that consists of a Java program “XenCassAgent.jar”, using the XenServer XML-RPC based API, that polls the XenServer pool master and slave hosts from a central place. The RRD (Round Robin Database) performance data is then parsed and loaded into TeamQuest CMIS via the User Table Agent technology.  You can download the install guide, bits & table_definitions here.  In case of issues/questions pls.  let us know, feedback is welcome.

Patched the xenCassAgent.jar on 23 September 2015, now version 1.1.  There was a performance issue when processing lot's of VM's. The collection interval has been increased towards 5 minutes too.

On demand of the customer we modified the following tables “XEN.VmByCpu, XEN.VmByLan, XEN.VmByDisk, XEN.VmGlobal” where we added a new group key named “XenServer”. This allows us to relate the VM data to its physical XEN server. Used in the filtering and “page by” options in TQ Analyzer.  We also added a new parameter “CPUPhysUsed_PCT” in the table “XEN.VmGlobal” which represents the CPU consumption of a VM normalized over all available logical CPU's in the physical server. Version is now 1.2, changed on 1 October 2015.

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