TeamQuest Software Solution

As mentioned on our home page, TeamQuest introduced recently version 2 of the Vityl Capacity Management solution which offers unprecedented functionalities.  Vityl Capacity Management (VCM) is designed to offer comprehensive support for organization to manage their IT capacity. Capacity Management as a discipline includes both Performance Management and Capacity Planning.  There are four main components:

  • Performance Monitor: Do infrastructure monitoring the easy way. Collect and analyze real-time and historical performance data.
  • Automated Analytics: Automatically integrate and analyze data from existing, disparate sources to understand the health, risk, and efficiency of your entire hybrid IT enterprise in one place.
  • Capacity Plans: Create accurate capacity plans, evaluate risk predictions, determine the resources you need (without overprovisioning), and make changes based on expert advice.
  • Key Performance Indicators: Find out which systems need attention right now—and understand which systems are at risk of performance issues in the future.

Prior to Vityl Capacity Management TeamQuest positioned 3 major software modules, TQ Vityl Monitor, TQ Predictor & TQ Surveyor, in the (ITSO) IT Service Optimization Space. These modules allow you to collect & manage IT Infrastructure performance data which can be analyzed, reported and used for real world capacity planning based on queuing models. Enterprise wide performance management & capacity planning can be obtained by using TeamQuest data and (or) any other available performance data collected without the need for replication. We can transform thousands of data points into a single health indicator for faster problem identification and resolution. Anticipate when and where future risks of poor performance exist. We integrate, consolidate, and transform IT and business metrics from any data source into actionable information IT and business leaders need to make informed decisions.

For more detailed information on our software offering or a request for quote, feel free to contact us.

TQVityl Monitor - CMIS part

Capacity Management Information System is the data collection and management module. Data can be stored locally or centrally (Proprietary, PostgreSQL & Oracle).  It has also the ability to incorporate any data via the User Agent Technology.  Integration with a fault management solution is possible via an alarming feature. In case of large environments these agents can be managed by an Administrator Console and updated/patched via an Update Server.  These capabilities are embedded and part of the CMIS license. (teamquest-cmis.pdf) (agents.pdf) Via the optional module CMIS For Storage we are able to integrate SAN storage data too which gives us the possibility to look, via Surveyor, from server activity down to the actual internal SAN disk devices activity.


TQVityl Monitor - ANALYZER part

View real-time and historical performance across heterogeneous virtualized and physical environments with Vityl Monitor. Ensure service availability by receiving early warning of potential bottlenecks and drill down into details to identify the root cause and correct the problem before it affects users. Included with Monitor is TeamQuest CMIS (capacity management information system), providing powerful, vendor-agnostic performance data collection, storage, and management for physical servers, virtual servers, cloud instances, and storage systems. (TQVitylMonitor)



This module offers real data center wide capacity planning as it works with any data stored in a relational database without the need for replication. By means of a drag & drop approach of functions the capacity planner can create his own views/capacity reports.  These functions are a in fact little building blocks providing data feed, data mining/filtering/combining and charting/graphing.  Such a view can contain logic so that depending on your custom rules/thresholds breaches more or less automated analysis is done.   (teamquest-surveyor.pdf) With the Surveyor For Storage views you will be able to extend the capacity planning from server/application levels towards the SAN storage. This is an unique solution for real E2E storage management. (teamquest_surveyor_for_storage.pdf)



This is an advanced module for capacity planning since it uses the queuing models. CMIS (TQ Agent) data is extracted, for a period of interest, afterwards calibrated until you have a queue model that can be used for what-if scenarios.  These scenarios may be load increase/decrease, change of hardware, adding activity from other systems and so forth.  For each of these scenarios you will be able to evaluate if and when the server will start to encounter performance issues and for what resource(s).  The components of response give insight in what the workloads are actually consuming/waiting for. With the (TPI) TeamQuest Performance Indicator of CMIS, you can automate the queuing analysis and get warned when the server will get into performance problems.  (teamquest-predictor.pdf)

This process is now fully automated and defined via AutoPredict policies. AutoPredict analysis is used to monitor complex IT environments for potential bottlenecks. You can run AutoPredict analysis on a variety of data sources, TQ Agent based AND  third-party data too, and store the results of the analysis in a database. AutoPredict analysis calculates statistics that you can use to create automated reports that provide forward-looking predictive analysis for your IT services.