Our Services

We offer services tailored to your needs.  For some of the services listed below, where appropriate,  we added an example or screen shot of the work/deliverable.

  • Design & implementation of a performance & capacity planning solution based on our software offering .
  • Training on the TeamQuest product suite.  
  • Developing TemQuest User Agents for adding business and (or) technical data into the collection mechanism (example).
  • Performance and (or) capacity audits of your infrastructure (Open Systems/Windows/VMware) (VMware example, Unix example, MS example).
  • Measuring the performance of your application(s) drilling-down down to the transaction level.
  • Consolidation study of your environment (example).
  • Creating custom TeamQuest Surveyor views based on your requirements.
  • For measuring & controlling your environment beyond the Data Center, check out our new IoT Business Unit.

 For more detailed information on approach & deliverable or a request for quote, feel free to contact us.