Are you struggling with some of the following business issues ?

  • How do we keep our Quality Of Service optimal in times of budget cuts ?
  • Where to invest in order to keep up with next year's increased load ?
  • Decrease costs by consolidating servers, will this work ?
  • What performance is really experienced by our users ?
  • We want to optimize our service(s), where to start ?
  • You want to measure Temperature, Air Quality, Humidity etc... we have a new Business Unit CREATIVE Technologies that exactly does that. Check our IoT activities !
star.jpgTeamQuest released Vityl Capacity Management version 2.0 !

With Vityl Capacity Management version 2 TeamQuest introduces apart from new features also a totally new solution based on the latest technologies like Cassandra, Storm, Kafka, Zookeeper, Spark...  We now offer one interface to go from performance management to health/risk evaluation and capacity planning.

TeamQuest is delivering top-to-bottom transparency between IT and the business. Connected workflows, automatic actionable information for real-time decision making, collaboration, and tuned communication for all stakeholders in the organization. One integrated platform to observe, resolve, predict and guide.