Are you struggling with some of the following business issues ?

  • How do we keep our Quality Of Service optimal in times of budget cuts ?
  • Where to invest in order to keep up with next year's increased load ?
  • Decrease costs by consolidating servers, will this work ?
  • What performance is really experienced by our users ?
  • We want to optimize our service(s), where to start ?
  • You want to measure Temperature, Air Quality, Humidity etc... we have a new Business Unit CREATIVE Technologies that exactly does that. Check our IoT activities !
star.jpgTeamQuest released Vityl Capacity Management version 2.5 !

With Vityl Capacity Management version 2.4 TeamQuest introduces new functionalities like the integration of the CMIS (Former TQ Agent)  data collection into the VCM Monitor for the "AIX" and "Solaris" platforms. In the Key Performance Indicator application a new functionality called Efficiency has been added. This allows you to swiftly verify if the data center has systems that may be decommissioned and as such allows you to decrease the OPEX.  

TeamQuest is delivering top-to-bottom transparency between IT and the business. Connected workflows, automatic actionable information for real-time decision making, collaboration, and tuned communication for all stakeholders in the organization. One integrated platform to observe, resolve, predict and guide.